Proficut – New generation Nozzle Mixing technology

  • Absolute Safety
  • Balanced Weight
  • Accurate
  • Tough - 90 Solid forged brass head
  • Durable - Rugged design ensures maximum strength
  • Excellent Cutting Quality

  • Better handling and high operating comfort through ergonomic design and balanced weight
  • 3-Pipe torch with nozzle mixing technology where the fuel gas and oxygen get mixed away from the welder, (as against handle mixing in 2 pipe torches) preventing injuries caused by flash-backs.
  • Soild forged brass head for longer life
  • Precise gas flow rates irrespective of gas levels in cylinder enables fine cutting from 3 to 300mm
  • Heavy duty applications even at low cylinder pressures
  • Reduced post cut grinding operations
  • Increased nozzle clearance gives extended nozzle life
  • 3-pipe design of torch and modern jet design of nozzle enables highly focused and stable pre-heating flame when the torch is lighted and high speed while cutting resulting in saving both oxygen and fuel gas consumption