About Us

What we do:

V. N. Associates is a leading distributor of industrial equipments, accessories, spares, consumables etc. of multinational companies who are global leaders serving their customers worldwide for more than 100 years. V. N. Associates makes available global technology of multinational companies to customers in Coimbatore and nearby districts through professional processes of "Value discovery", "Value unlocking" & "Value delivery".

Why Us?

We are a professional organisation who believe in the "Value for Money" concept who have been striving to bring global technologies to our clientele through our association with global leaders in the respective product groups. We do not merely supply these products,but help our customers in the value discovery & value unlocking processes. The very fact that we have successfully handled this function for more than 20+ years is a testimony of our commitment to this goal. We have also found that " Once a customer always our customer" is a maxim borne out by our experience.


We deal only in the products of multi national companies who are global leaders in their product categories.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction stands high on our list & all are activities are always directed towards the same. We make sure that all our deals are done with commitment so that we are able to maintain a lasting relation with our buyers. To continue delighting customers we deal only in products of internationally well known companies who are global leaders in their respective product categories. We are a customer centric organization that believes in serving its clients with superior quality products of our principals matched by high standards of committed customer service. In fact, V.N.Associates is where "Value" proposition of our principals meet the "Needs" of our customers.


It gives us satisfaction that the feedback from our customers has prompted out prncipales ITW Magnaflux to confer on us the "Customer Service Excellence" award and vostelpine Bohler "The Super Achiever Distributor" award. We value these awards, coming as they do, from global leaders respected all over the world.