Powder Cutting Equipment

Powder Cutting is a cost effective alternative to plasma cutting and widely used, among others, even in higher thickness cutting of runners & raisers. Powder cutting technique has also been used for cutting stainless steel, copper, nickel and aluminium and their alloys, and for cutting cast irons.

Powder cutting is the injection of Iron-rich powder using compressed air in the oxy-fuel cutting process to assist the cutting action. Finely powered iron-rich powder is fed into the cutting zone in a gaseous medium. The exothermic heat generated by the reaction of the iron powder to the oxy-fuel flame increases the reaction temperature which facilitates the cutting process.

Heavy duty STARCut Torches can be used with powder cutting attachments powder distributor, cutting powder, powder hose etc over and above the regular gas cutting accessories like hose for fuel gas and oxygen, flashback arrestors, regulators etc.