LPS – Speciality Lubricants

LPS offers wide range of specialty chemicals and other innovative products . It has achieved leadership in the industrial and aviation MRO markets through access to new technologies, capital for research and through decentralized, responsive management.

As a result, end-user demand for LPS products has grown. The LPS brand is recognized worldwide in the industrial, aviation, electrical and hardware trade channels as the value-added premium product. We offer an MRO chemical consolidation solution that will improve performance and save time and money for customers.

LPS offers eight categories of high performance chemical products: Lubricants/Penetrants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Cleaners, Solvents / Degreasers, Greases, Utility, Hand cleaners,Specialty MRO

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Package Net fill: 400 ml (100gms) & 350ml (240gms) Aerosol cans