Gas Manifold Systems

  • Uninterrupted Gas Supply- Centralized gas supply eliminates costly interruptions & wasted manpower to install & replace cylinders at individual workstations.
  • Gas Savings – Manifolds ensure that cylinders are uniformly emptied. Operators will not return cylinders containing usable gases.
  • Space Savings – A centrally located manifold eliminates the space necessary for cylinders & handling equipment at each workstation.
  • Safety –Cylinder handling can be controlled & confined to one area. Cylinder hazards at the workstation are totally eliminated.
  • Cylinder Saving – A manifold can reduce the number of cylinders required to maintain proper gas supply by 25% to 50%. This in turn, reduces the amount of required regulators, hoses, flash back arrestors required at workstations. The maintenance of these items are eliminated.
  • Low Contents Warning – In manifold low pressure alarm is installed to give correct feedback about cylinder contents which is not possible in individual cylinder workstation.
  • Savings in Cylinders Rent – In manifold less no of cylinders are required hence there is a saving on account of cylinder rent charges.
  • Stable Working Pressure- The pressure is stable at all the working stations ensuring quality work which is not possible at all the individual work stations.
  •  Aesthetics – The work place is neat & clean free from cylinders which gives a good look open workplace for working.