Gas Economisers

  • It automatically reduces the supply of oxygen and fuel gas to the torch to pilot flame level when the torch is placed on the hook during the intervals between operations.
  • The flame does not require re-setting on resuming operations.
  • When the torch is unhooked , the full gas flow supply is released and the previous mixing ratio is maintained.
  • Saves gas/fuel cost whenever wok involves frequent temporary stoppages – like in production brazing
  • Greatly improves brazing efficientcy & productivity and economy in gas consumption
  • Designed in accordance to latest internationally recognized standards EN ISO, BSP, CGA and NFS
  • Principally designed for general workshop welding, heating and brazing upto 3.5 bar / 51 psi oxygen pressure
  • Simple to fit to any workbench or wall bracket with angle mounting bracket supplied.